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The suede cleaner from Saphir cleans and removes stains from suede and nubuck.

The suede cleaner from Saphir offers the best care for your suede shoes and removes stubborn stains. Use the Saphir Omnidaim suede cleaner to get rid of any grease stains on your suede shoes and restore their original look without altering the beauty of the suede. The Saphir suede cleaner comes with a small, genuine horsehair brush for a quick, easy and precise application of the product whether it be on suede, nubuck, gore tex, textiles or synthetic materials.

Use the Saphir suede cleaner only if stains persist after your regular suede care treatment. Begin by dusting the shoe with a shoe cleaning brush. Then, pour a bit of the product into a container, dip the brush into the product and rub it over the entire surface of the shoe. Wet the brush and rub it on the suede that you have just treated with the Omnidaim cleaner. This will create a light foam. Allow the suede to dry and complete the process with a suede renovator and a brass brush to fluff up the suedeÕs nap and restore its original beauty.

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