How are Oxford shoes?

The Oxford shoe has an elegant style, historically quite flat. The design of the Oxford shoe is often smooth, but may include some ornament or small perforations such as double stitching along the toe.

Oxford shoes, which originate in Scotland and Ireland, are a timeless classic. They are suitable for work, dinners and other elegant occasions and are distinguished by their large number of variations in classic design. Thanks to its appearance, this model has the ability to adapt to a more casual look where the shoes take the relevance that is needed at all times.

Classical par excellence, a model that has been exported from England and that today continues to sell throughout the world as an authentic piece of craftsmanship.

Inside the shoe we will find some variants. The Full Brogue model, an Anglo-Saxon term used to identify the characteristics of the appearance of this finish. In Spain we associate it more in terms such as die-cutting, perforation or chopping, since its ornate appearance and ornamented with dots and drawings worked on the skin itself are its main hallmarks. Although it is usual to find them every year, this season the chopped Oxford is postulated as an authentic must have that many firms have wanted to include in their collections. And, the classic often wins the monotony of the traditional becoming one of the main trends that we will see this autumn-winter. Let's learn more about this interesting shoe.

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